Dr. #Content Elsewhere

The good Doctor has lent his inexhaustible well of #content to websites and publications of all stripes.*

*This statement will hopefully be accurate in the future, ’cause for now this section’s still pretty thin. 


The Onion

Camgirl Didn’t Make Her Bed Today (Newswire headline)



Quiz: Who Said It: Trump 2016 Or Grand Theft Auto? for BuzzFeed Community


Points in Case

This Self-Driving Car Does Not Need Humans


Brazil World Cup Blog, a site for discussion and analysis of Brazilian football

(as Zetona)

2016 Wish List

What’s Next for Number 9? A Look at the Promising Strikers of the Brazilian League

How’d That Wish List Turn Out? A Review Of 2016 In Brazilian Football

What We Learned from Brazil’s Last Three Coaches, Part 1 and Part 2

The Top 10 Brazilian Moves Of The Transfer Window

What Can We Learn From This Week’s Friendlies?