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The Onion

Camgirl Didn’t Make Her Bed Today (Newswire headline)



Quiz: Who Said It: Trump 2016 Or Grand Theft Auto? for BuzzFeed Community


Points in Case

This Self-Driving Car Does Not Need Humans

How to Nail Your Next Job Interview Even Though the Return of Xwq, the Celestial Obliviator, is All You Can Think About


The Princeton Tiger

Sole writer for all entries unless otherwise noted.

Bill Belichick: Super Bowl Loss “Part Of The Plan”

New Education Bill Bans Anything Bad From Happening To Children

Barcelona Vs. Real Madrid: Your Complete UEFA Champions League Final Preview

Intrepid Student Voyages Into Wild Unknown Beyond Charter

Editorial: On Squirrels (also in the April 2013 Daily Princetonian parody print issue)

The Spirit Of F. Scott Lives On (not online; only featured in the Frosh Week 2013 print issue)

Grade Deflation Committee Finds Students’ Grades Still Too High, Recommends 10% A’s

Student Becomes First To Ever Read Traffic Alert Email, Discovers Warren Of Madness (also in the December 2013 print issue)

Princeton’s Secrets Revealed (also in the December 2013 print issue)

Clumsy, Bumbling Green Beret Squad Stabilizes Middle East (also in the April 2014 print issue)

Who Said It: Eisgruber Or Pinochet? (also in the Reunions 2014 print issue)

Grade Deflation’s End Leaves Students Looking For New Ways To Rationalize Failures (also in the Frosh Week 2014 print issue)

16 Incredibly Impressive People We Wish Were Princeton Students

How The Dinky Spent Its Week Off (also in the December 2014 print issue)

Student Follows Tour Group, Discovers Princeton Is Located In Downtown Shanghai (also in the December 2014 print issue)

The Street From Hell

A Valentine’s Day Sex Overload (also in the Valentine’s Day 2015 print issue)

“There Is No God”: One Man’s Quest To Win An Amazon Gift Card By Taking Psych Thesis Surveys

USG Cancels Big Sean At Lawnparties, Uses Money To Buy Corvette

Blood And The Badge: An Agent Powers Story (illustration only)

Porphyria’s Hookup

Letter From The Editor-In-Chief: Reflections On Four Years Of Failure


(as Zetona:)

Brazil World Cup Blog, a site for discussion and analysis of Brazilian football

2016 Wish List

What’s Next for Number 9? A Look at the Promising Strikers of the Brazilian League

How’d That Wish List Turn Out? A Review Of 2016 In Brazilian Football

What We Learned from Brazil’s Last Three Coaches, Part 1 and Part 2

The Top 10 Brazilian Moves Of The Transfer Window

What Can We Learn From This Week’s Friendlies?