SUPER HOT Mike Pence Erotic Fanfiction HARDCORE XXX

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA. The state capital. The 34th-most populous metropolitan statistical area in the United States. But for a young, naïve, freshly minted college grad like myself, still shy, wide-eyed, virginal, and unaware of just how demurely attractive I am thanks to my total lack of self-esteem or indeed self-concept, it was the world. Well, not technically the whole world, since the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is technically in Speedway, not Indianapolis proper. But close enough.

It was my first day as a clerk in the State House. It went by in a blur. Such a big building! So many government matters to attend to! My small-town upbringing hadn’t prepared me for anything on this scale. How was I ever going to keep it all straight?

I stayed late into the evening, working on sorting out petitions for the governor. The building got empty and quiet. Finally, I left the office and began heading for the exit.

That’s when I saw him. (more…)