A spoof of last night’s Rachel Maddow? Hahahahahaha what could give you that impression?


Folks. FOLKS. You’re gonna want to hear this. It concerns Donald Trump, and it could be big—very big. I’m telling you, you don’t want to miss this. That’s right, folks, you’d best stay tuned. Don’t touch that dial. I mean, that metaphorical dial. TVs these days don’t have dials. In fact, I’m not sure an old TV with dials even works anymore what with the digital signals. Can someone get on that? [shouts backstage] LARRY! Get on the dials thing!

Anyways, like I said, and like I’m saying again, this could be a big deal, which is why I’m saying it again, for emphasis. Like, this is serious business. You know what I mean? Just in case you don’t, I’ll say it again, with even a little more emphasis than last time: this could be a big deal. (more…)