Hillary Clinton is Going to Totally DESTROY Donald Trump in Tonight’s Debate and I Can’t Wait

Finally. After MONTHS of the media milking overblown controversies while giving Donald Trump and his cronies a free pass, of ridiculous and untrue statements from the Trump campaign, of absurd and sexist scrutiny about Hillary’s health, Tuesday’s debate is her chance to turn the tables on Trump and rip him and his flimsy proposals to shreds. Here’s how:

  • We’ve known all along that there’s only one candidate who understands the issues and will take the presidency seriously, and it sure as heck ain’t the guy who’s been blowing off any sort of debate prep. The whole country will watch Hillary clearly and effortlessly articulate the specifics of her proposals while Trump continues to avoid explaining how he’s going to get his wall built, and they’ll see that Trump’s proposals are just a bunch of thin air.
  • Plus, the moderators will press Trump harder than ever before. After the furor surrounding Matt Lauer’s failure to fact-check Trump during NBC’s commander-in-chief forum and Jimmy Fallon’s dangerously positive interview with Trump, you can be sure that the moderators won’t let any lies or distortions go unpunished.
  • Now that I think about it, though, (more…)