LIST: Far Worse Things Bill Clinton has Said to Donald Trump on the Golf Course

After a recording emerged of Donald Trump making extremely lewd comments to Access Hollywood‘s Billy Bush about using his power and status to grope women, Trump defended himself by saying that “Bill Clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course — not even close.” What the heck has Clinton said? Our intrepid #content collectors returned with these examples from over the years: 

  • “Look, Donald, you have to let it go. The White House Correspondents’ Dinner may seem like a big thing, but everyone will forget about it in a few days.”
  • “Yes, I know the President made fun of you in front of everyone. But you’ve been talking about this ridiculous birth certificate thing for a whole year now—you had to know this might happen when you got the invitation.”
  • “Come on. You want Barack to apologize? For some jokes? You’re the one that started it. You have to admit that.”
  • What? No. Maybe you weren’t the first person to say it, but I guarantee you it wasn’t Hillary.”
  • “Why am I still with—? Look,for all the troubles we’ve had, I still love Hillary.”
  • “Maybe you’ve never realized it because you haven’t had to grow up emotionally since you were 14, but you can love a woman for more than just her figure!”
  • I’m being unfair?! Me?! You’re the one who brought up my wife, just like you’re the one who started it with the President. That’s your problem—your ego never lets you admit that you’re wrong!”
  • “No. I will not apologize. I have nothing to apologize for. You keep rolling through life, on the back of your money, and your TV shows, and your books, and you think that means you can never be wrong, because no one else you piss off is as rich or as successful as you. They don’t matter to you. If they’re not doing something for you, they don’t even exist for you. Well, tough shit, Donald. I was the goddamn President of the United States. My wife is going to be the next goddamn President of the United States. We matter. You can’t roll up the window of your limo and ignore us like you do the rest. And you’d better not give us a reason to be mad at you.”
  • “Triple bogey! I win again, Donald! Here I was thinking building all those golf courses would improve your game!”


Image Credit: Rick Odell, Getty Images