Bill Clinton

Winners and Losers from Al Franken’s Resignation


The Democratic Party: Fundamentally changed their stance on a substantial issue in the space of about three weeks at the behest of their base, which is frankly one of the most astonishing things I’ve ever seen

Women: Now only have to contend with the president, his administration, the political party that holds power in the majority of federal and state legislatures, a huge number of industries and fields, and the vast and all-encompassing socionormative bedrock of human society continuing to condone sexual misconduct (more…)

LIST: Far Worse Things Bill Clinton has Said to Donald Trump on the Golf Course

After a recording emerged of Donald Trump making extremely lewd comments to Access Hollywood‘s Billy Bush about using his power and status to grope women, Trump defended himself by saying that “Bill Clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course — not even close.” What the heck has Clinton said? Our intrepid #content collectors returned with these examples from over the years:  (more…)