Priebus Lost: Book 9

THE White House won, by Priebus’ hand restor’d
To G.O.P. Dominion, by his faith
In Trump’s improbable Campaign contriv’d,
The man himself, scheming Reince, expected
The universal shout and high applause
Of his companions in th’Establishment
To fill his ear, but contrary he hears
On all sides, from innumerable tongues
A dismal universal hiss, the sound
Of public scorn, th’accumulate disgust
Of every sort, innumerable diatribes
From those of every stripe begotten; spheres
From alt-right to lib’ral alike afire
With savage condemnation, equal scorn
From Breitbart’s crowd, by his embodiment
Of mainstream Principles, unwelcome sign
O’th’ cucked and feeble G.O.P. command
Hast’ning to place its loathsome check upon
And undermine the plans of Trump too bold
By far for their geriatric Decree,
To blist’ring rage provok’d (though this itself
Was no great deviation from the norm);
From the Snowflakes o’th’ Left, by slight offense
Spurr’d to tyrannic outcry, in this case
Against th’Administration entire, and all
Who make up part of it, as if by noise
Or agitation they might overturn
Or render null th’Election they themselves
Had thought assur’d, and reimpose the fail’d
Agenda just rejected at the Polls
And by Obama’s reign inadequate
For most Americans demonstrated;
And even from th’Establishment itself,
By the reluctance of their Chief of Staff
To offer any countermand to Trump,
Nor e’en the merest obstacle impose
Betwixt the fragile levers of Statecraft
And the bituminous imagination
Now at their helm position’d,
To agitation spurr’d, but yet reserv’d
Far greater worry for th’Agenda they
Through Trump’s success and th’unfettered control
Of ev’ry Branch of Government hoped impose,
But which in dissonance lay mired, with blame
Cast wide, and little progress made. Thus Reince
‘Pon Trump’s inauguration immediately
A miserable Scenario assumed,
Yet soon worse made, for Trump, novitiate
In Washington, yet confident miles far
Beyond all reason, hastens to pursue
His many wild designs, but sells for speed
Invaluable Order, precious Decorum,
Undroppable components of D.C.
Since long-forgotten years, and by their loss
Fresh disarray inspires in the Party,
And their Agenda week by week delays.
Th’Inauguration a bright memory
For all the Right had scarce become when Trump
Upon fresh warpaths opted tread, his ire
At novel targets multitudinous
And fast proliferating opted train.

Within a week of that portentous Day
When Trump, whose grandiose aspirations had
Once risible distraction seem’d, at last
By Oath of Office sworn his triumph sealed,
Upon his novel Station huge reclaim
And savage condemnation introduced,
By his disputed claim that th’audience
For his Inauguration far surpass’d
All those precedent, though stark Evidence
Could fast prove otherwise; yet no regard
For e’en clear Proof would Trump allow, and thus
In his stead Priebus sent to advocate
By nationwide address his certainty,
And contrary reports dismiss. On Fox
The Chief of Staff esteem’d Chris Wallace fac’d,
And th’inquiry below was forc’d to field:
“Reince, the President’s words were words of weight,
Of hard promises to by every deed
Assist and aid normal Americans;
To what such end serves this dispute prolong’d
Of th’audience last week?” To which Reince drew
A solemn breath, an unbent face assum’d,
“Distinguished Wallace, exponent supreme
Of Journalists, forgotten Breed o’errun
By those in media today; I train
My condemnation on such newer sorts,
With honesty unconcerned, favoring
To agitate against Trump, when he seeks
Division’s end, th’advancement of his Plan,
nothing more: Still they seek only untruth,
Dissemination of Lies coast to coast,
Disgusting Fibs, irrelevant reports
Meant, like th’accounts widespread of Canines lush
And tangled with beknotted hair, to draw
Th’attention of their audience, but not
Reward or payoff offer in return;
Against this practice the President rails,
Which Occupation with the betterment
Of this Republic from whence foul Barack,
Loath’d Antecessor, let it lie, impedes.”
Thus Reince no truth provided, and escap’d
Th’original inquiry, and to Trump
His fealty prov’d, but no cessation earn’d,
No brief reprieve: as the many-headed Snake
Of Lerna lake, which noble Heracles
By order of his Mycenaean foe
Sought vanquish, in simple beheading finds
No obstacle, and fast restores twice o’er
The severed Organ, likewise scandal brew’d
Within th’Executive Branch, and at speed
The novice Government could scarce confront;
Each day some fresh controversy served up
With no relent. Thus Priebus found himself
O’er and o’er task’d to ready the defense
Against each allegation fresh, and face
Repeatedly the Press, the devilment
O’th’ President and his compatriots
Condone or insubstantiate, as Trump
Or circumstance demanded: with debate
Like this example, us’d to justify
Th’executive Order, decreed by Trump
Mere days past from the furor o’er his crowd,
Impeding th’entry into the U.S.
Of all from the lands of Ormus and of Tyre,
Whose worship of th’Arabian Prophet
Who in the cave of Hira word from God
Receiv’d, a threat to all Americans
Was deem’d, soft-tongu’d Reince went to bat:
“This Act is justly born of common sense
And reasonous consideration, and does
Only as a typical American
Would deem appropriate, or so I hear;
Greater discretion for precaution’s sake
A worthy aim, which Trump and I endorse.”
But soon thereafter, fresh new upheaval
Entrousl’d the White House, news of Accords
With commie Russia made, though treasonous;
Usurpation of Hillary the joint intent,
And many underlings of Trump’s involv’d,
Or so investigation claims. Such talk
Th’Administration could ill afford, and bade
Which he with the statement below oblig’d:
“Such wild inventions these are, which strife
And calumny aspire to sow, where none
Exists, nor otherwise might rise: the man
Accus’d of such Accords, Mike Flynn, no wrong
Perform’d; within his function he remain’d,
Could it have placed upon the President
Or his Administration, unapprais’d
Until too late of his improper acts,
And once they were, mov’d fast to give him th’Ax.”
Still no reprieve could Priebus earn, and soon
Before the cameras found himself again,
This time in self-defense; for Trump’s attempt
Against Obama’s legacy most loath’d,
Reform of Healthcare, fail’d to leave the House
Despite the G.O.P.’s supremacy
Across all Congress; seven years’ designs
Inadequate prov’d for accord within
The Party, with the blame apportion’d both
Onto Paul Ryan, who no consensus found
Within the House for which he spake, and Reince,
Who at the beck and call o’th’ mainstream Suits
I’th’ G.O.P. Establishment, push’d hard
To pass the Bill, despite the disarray
Apparent. This embarrassment he tried
By Trump, beloved FOX, to counteract:
“Distinguish’d Trump, wise President such as
He is, does not apportion blame on Ryan,
A Leader of distinction, whose success
And dedication he admires; this fault,
Through trying, is no obstacle, no change
To their ambitions, nor their partnership.
Though e’en I must admit I do not know
The truth about his tweeting otherwise,
I am assur’d these were no more than flukes.”
But such deflections no reprieve earn’d him,
For in their wake e’en the faint privilege
Of facing th’inquiries of the news shows
Was stripp’d from him, and day by day his Role
Diminished, so that soon his Slate of tasks
No more substantial assignment contain’d
Than th’expurgation of infrequent Flies
From Trump’s perimeter; and th’influence
He could exert upon the White House Plan
Diminished likewise. Still a while he stay’d
In helpless observation, as careen’d
Th’Administration into scandals new
And greater still; begun with th’unprovoked
Expulsion o’th’ FBI’s Overlord,
Tow’ring Comey, to whom that brass Relief
Which long o’erlooked the Harbor blue of Rhodes
Seems as the spread-arm’d Christ, which far above
The coves of Rio resides, appears to men
Of normal height, for his perceiv’d attempt
T’investigate ongoing accounts of Pacts
With Russia made (for the denials of Reince
And Trump had no discouragement provok’d
Among th’inquisitors); compounded soon,
Mere days thereafter, by a gathering
I’th’ Oval Office with a Russian crew,
And no American witness present,
Where boastful Trump, who admiration craves
From all in pow’r, divulg’d Intelligence
Most classified; and all this time the thoughts
And acts of those in charge by constant leaks
To th’insatiable Press were public made,
Which for the Critics of this Government
Suppli’d unceasing mirth; not to mention
Another fail’d repeal o’th healthcare Law
Obama had install’d, and too Trump’s pledge
To cease involvement in the Pact approv’d
By Obama before him, a vow to minimize
Emitted Carbon, driver of the heat
Which now endangers our whole Globe, by all
The world’s Nations cosign’d but for two
Besides th’U.S., and those dismay’d the Pact
Did not go far enough, or made by War
Unable to comply: and more could still
To this colossal List be added on,
In greater detail too, but this so far
Four months of the new President can scarce
Begin to cover, and still more to come;
And at this point you Readers all should get
Where this is going, or at least the Gist.