Staaaaaaaaaay on Messsssaaaaaaaaage Intermission

[Phone call: Reince Priebus]
Donnie, Donnie, what’s good?
It’s your boy Reince P, what’s going on?
Just checking in on you
Wanna make sure you know what’s up
We have a memo here
I’m sure your campaign’s already told you, so you already know
But just in case, here’s the thing:
I know I’ve already said this several times, but
This has to stop
Yeah, we know you’re our candidate
But you can’t keep just doing you 
And think that wave of support will be enough
When the majority of voters just think you’re loopy
You can’t just keep shouting about Muslims
And hollering about this wall
I appreciate the… the energy
And I know this movement is something big
You’re riding the crest of a wave
But you know it can’t last, uhhh

[Female voice + (Donald Trump)]
We’re sorry, (DONALD TRUMP) can’t come to the phone right now
Please leave a message after the beep

[Reince Priebus sighing]

[Reince Priebus]
Donald, when you get this
Please give my office a call
We’re all watching you
And we appreciate what you’ve brought
But you need to get on message
Uhhh, yeah, let me know you got the memo


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