“Low Lights”, But The Setting Is A Trump Campaign Rally, Hoo Boy

[Verse: Donald Trump + [Crowd at his rally]]

You just heard Juan give you a testimony about his life,
And how good I’ve been to him.
And it’s all the Hispanics, not just him. [Applause.]
They love me so much, so much, it’s terrific. [Crowd roars.]
All the people I’ve employed, they love me so much,
Because I’ve done so much for them. [Cries of “Trump! Trump! Trump!”]

Every morning,
Every day I wake up
And I say to myself, “Donald,
You’re a great, guy, just terrific. Look at you, always waking up
Next to Melania—isn’t she terrific, folks? [Applause.] I know.
I know. I always think about how great I’ve done for myself,
The hotels, the cars, the models. I made it,
I got here, all by myself. That’s right.
No one else was there for me,
Not my father, not the mainstream media.
Now they want to make peace. [Boos.] They’ve seen how well we’ve done.
But I told them
I won’t ever work with you liars. [Cheers.]
I won’t ever need handouts from you. [Cheers become deafening.]
You didn’t open up any doors for me.
I don’t owe you
Anything, Dad. [Long, shocked pause.]

I don’t know if anybody understands what it feels like. [Dead silence.]
No matter what I do, [Silence continues.]
No matter where I go, he’s always there. [Silence.]
People talk about him. [Silence.]
About that loan, [Silence.]
And his business… [Silence.]
I loved him so much, but [Silence.]
I can’t get out of his shadow. I want to, I— I— [Silence.]
I’m crying now… [Silence.]
It feels so good to say this, [Silence.]
To realize why I couldn’t say that I loved him no matter what. [Silence.]
Oh, dad, thank you. [Silence.]
You let me thrive in life. [Particularly awkward silence.]


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