Kellyanne Conway


[Intro: Donald Trump]
So-called judge!

[Verse 1: Kellyanne Conway + (Donald Trump)]
Fake news run this bitch like (So-called judge!)
He just moan and bitch like
Yeah he just moan and bitch like
Say he be talkin’ shit like
He just some stupid rich guy
Yeah they suckin’ liberal dick like
It can save their ass in this fight
That’s why he raves

Breaking Down That New York Times Story About How The Trump Administration Can’t Find The White House Light Switches

On Sunday, the New York Times published a doozy of a report alleging that the Trump Administration remains woefully unprepared and underequipped for even the basic task of navigating the White House. There is a lot to unpack in this article, so I’m going to break it down line by line.

Let’s start right at the beginning. (more…)