Nigel Farage

Winners And Losers From The UK Election And The Comey Hearings

Thursday was an eventful day, with major developments on both sides of the Atlantic. Insert joke about the venerable magazine here. 


Having a coherent, clear, ambitious, and inspiring progressive agenda: Now proven to be a winning hand, this strategy has paved the way to being completely ignored by the Democratic establishment in 2020 (more…)

Winners and Losers from Brexit


Wales or Northern Ireland, but not both: Seeing as only one can advance from today’s round of 16 matchup in the Euros

Old people who resent the fact that they’ll be dead soon and channel this into a compulsion to torment the younger generation for having the audacity to be around longer: These are the real winners of Thursday’s vote

Ted Cruz: Admittedly, I have no proof of this, but the entire situation is so unpleasant that it stands to reason that Ted Cruz is benefiting somehow