Sharon Day

Lose (“Wolves” Parody)

[Hook: Reince Priebus]
He’s down, she’s up
Losin’, polls found
There must be, some way up
Don’t don’t lie, polls polls lie
Down and she’s up
Polls found, losin’
There must be, some way up
Polls can’t lie, polls don’t lie

[Verse 1: Reince Priebus]
Lost and, found out
Turned out, how we feared
They all, found out
What Trump’s about, what Trump’s about
If Ronald knew now
How we’d turned out, he’d go wild (more…)

Famous (GOP Primaries Mix)

[Intro: Sharon Day (Republican National Committee Co-Chairman) + Paul Ryan]
Man I can understand how it might be
Kinda hard keep faith in our party
I don’t blame you much for thinking we’ll get beat
I just wanted to let you know
Whoo, whoo
Reince told me let the beat rock

[Verse 1: Paul Ryan + (Reince Priebus)]
For all my House floor cronies who’re so distressed
About the Don topping polls, be at rest
Why? It’s just that he’s famous (that’s it)
It’s just that he’s famous
For all the ones who’ve called this race a mess
Take it straight from the Speaker, there’s no need to stress
Why? He up ’cause he famous (that’s it)
The others still nameless (talk that talk, Paul)
Other candidates gonna bring their best
And soon one of them will defeat that pest
Because he’s just famous (that’s it)
Yeah the man’s just famous